How to Accurately Identify the Toyota A340, A341, A343
Overdrive Planetary Assembly.


Tacoma, Sequoia, 4Runner and Lexus A340 Overdrive Planetary Assemblies

Tacoma, Sequoia, 4Runner and Lexus
A340Overdrive Planetary Assemblies

Instock for All Models updated with thrust bearing fix

Transforce planetary assemblies

Transforce planetary assemblies are remanufactured with a larger torrington thrust bearing assembly. This eliminates premature bearing failure. OE bearing dimensions roller diameter .066 Bearing ID 1.105 Bearing OD 1.500

The remanufactured overdrive planetary assembly has a larger Torrington thrust bearing. This is a permanent fix for your customer.

Roller diameter .115 Bearing ID 1.410 Bearing OD 2.00

Reman and Oe bearings

340 planetary assemblies include overdrive, drum, OD planetary, bearing, ring gear, and hub.



To correctly order the planetary assembly you must check the number of teeth on the overdrive drum sungear, 31 teeth or 33 teeth; spline count on input shaft 20 spline or 26 spline. Overall length 8 1/8" or 8 3/4".

The A340 Series Overdrive Planetary Assemblies have 2 types of overdrive planetary assemblies with several variations of each.

The first step to correctly identifying the set is to do a tooth count on the overdrive sungear drum.

The sungear will have either 31 teeth (large set) or 33 teeth (small set).

31 Tooth Sungear (2.625 Sungear Outside Diameter)

The outside diameter of the ring gears are 5.280 inches for the 31 tooth and 4.640 inches for the 33 tooth.



31 Tooth Ring Gear

After determining whether you have a 31 tooth or 33 tooth set, you will to measure the overall length of the planetary and the spline count. There is an 8 1/8 inches overall length 20 spline, 8 1/8 inches overall length 26 spline, and 8 3/4 inches overall length 20 spline. 



26 spline

Lastly you will have to check the overdrive drum to see if it has a reluctor and reluctor tooth count.

There are three types:

  1. without reluctor
  2. 16 tooth reluctor
  3. 32 tooth reluctor

16 tooth reluctor



33 Tooth Sungear

26 Spline 8 1/8
20 Spline 8 1/8
20 Spline 8 3/4
No Reluctor
16 Tooth Reluctor
32 Tooth Reluctor


31 Tooth Sungear

26 Spline 8 1/8
20 Spline 8 1/8
20 Spline 8 3/4
No Reluctor    
16 Tooth Reluctor  
32 Tooth Reluctor  

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