5R110W Rear Planet Clutch Pack

Parts 4 Automatics now offers a solution to the 5R110W rear planet so you don't have to scrap the planet. Replace the Clutch Pack! We now have a planet clutch pack available. Part No. 136119P4

The Clutch Planet pack contains:

  • 6 - Raybestos or Exedy Frictions (0.078")
  • 6 - Steel Plates (0.068")
We also offer Oversized Steel Plates as well.
Part No. 36130P4 (0.081")

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48RE Update Bracket

Parts 4 Automatics now makes a 48RE update bracket, which allows you to convert an early 2002 47RE (with push in neutral switch) or 48RE 2003 up case to late 2005 up case with shift motor.

For more information contact Parts 4 Automatics at: Toll Free 1-888-452-8660 or online

48RE update bracket for automatic transmission


68RFE Low/Reverse Sprag


Parts 4 Automatics now offers a spring and roller design low and reverse sprag for the 68RFE transmission.
It replaces the failure prone O.E.M 68RFE low/reverse sprag. This one is built to handle high performance and towing applications.

The 68RFE low/reverse clutch is only on when the output shaft speed is below 150 rpm. Once you start doing hard accelerations or burn outs, the driveshaft speed reaches 150 rpm the clutch releases and drops back on to the low/reverse sprag. The O.E.M sprag will not hold up to this kind of abuse. Resulting in the loss 1st and 2nd gear starts.

For more information contact Parts 4 Automatics at: Toll Free 1-888-452-8660 or online


48RE H.D. Overdrive Housing

48RE HD overdrive housing offer

If you’re In the Industry, You Already Know Cracks & Breakage Are a Known Problem With The 48RE Overdrive Housing. Therefore, Parts 4 Automatic Transmissions is able to offer the 48RE overdrive housing that addresses all the problems.

  • Dyno Tried & Tested
  • Accepts ALL O.D. Components
  • Reinforced In The Area Prone To Cracking
  • CNC Machined
  • OEM Housings Are On B/O With Dealerships
  • Immediate Delivery


Universal GM Case


New Product Announcement

New Venture GM parts
New Venture GM parts


New Venture GM 149, 246, 261, 263, 261XHD, and 263XHD
Rear Transfer Case Halves.

New Venture GM parts from Parts for Automatic TransmissionsFEATURES:

  • Expertly welded pump area
  • Main shaft bearing bore machined for a threaded bearing retainer and steel shim
  • Bearing retainer and steel shim bring the bearing bore back to the original specifications for bearing diameter and endplay
  • Steel retainer and shim greatly reduce future wearing in the snap ring and bearing bore
  • Billet aluminum oil pump body
  • Case has a LIFETIME WARRANTY against leaks in the oil pump area



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