Drop-in Fix Prevents Overheating in Honda Converters

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Honda 4/5-Speed Lube Regulated PR Valve

Lube Regulated Pressure Regulator Valve
Part # 98892-04K

Honda/Acura models equipped with a four or five-speed automatic transmission frequently suffer from converter overheating. Insufficient flow to the converter and cooler circuits allows the TCC to drag on the cover at low RPM, generating intense heat while flow to the cooler is simultaneously blocked.

To prevent this problem, Sonnax now offers a drop-in lube regulated pressure regulator valve. This part maintains flow to the converter and cooler circuits at low RPM without affecting flow at higher RPM or

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Honda fix

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O-Ringed End Plugs
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Available in a kit or sold separately, these three Sonnax end plugs replace worn OE parts causing low CPC pressures and soft or inconsistent shifts in Honda four- or five-speed units.

Sonnax O-ringed end plug kit 98892-01K fits the CPC A and B valves, shift valve C and LU shift valve, and also includes a 15mm interference fit end plug 98892-03 for either the lock-up control or shift valve D bores. In addition to these commonly worn locations, the end plugs 98892-01 (12mm) and 98892-02 (14mm) in the kit can be used in other valve bores as needed.


Honda fix


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